3 Apps That Help Students with Scripture Memory

3 Apps That Help Students with Scripture Memory

I was introduced to scripture memory in the Awana Club program. Before that moment, nobody had ever even hinted to me that memorizing scripture was important or even a practice that I should consider. As a person, scripture memorization became and to some degree still is very difficult for me. I struggled with it in Awana as a clubber. I struggled with it at Liberty University where scripture memorization is an integrated part of many courses. Then, a year ago, I started a job (here at Awana) where we memorize scripture as a staff. Honestly, I’d like something reminiscent from the Matrix movies where the leader uploads scripture right into the memory file system of my brain. However, that’s more science fiction than reality. Over the years, I’ve had to pick up tools, tips, and apps that help me memorize God’s Word. Here are some of my favorite digital apps that I use and that help me memorize God’s word.

1. Bibleminded by American Bible Society

I like this app. It’s simple. It’s clean. This app is my go-to app for Scripture memorization. The app gives me the option to memorize my verses, review my already memorized verses, or the option to add additional verses. I can develop my own scripture memory plan or pick from their lists. Also, the Awana Gospel Wheel is one of the plans on the app (BONUS!). I also like the different study and quiz tools that the app has available. There are flash cards, fill in the blanks, word selection, and an audio function. If you have a student who needs some help with scripture memory, and they want a simple app with the basic tools then this would be a great resource for them.

2. ScriptureTyper

This is another popular scripture memory tool and also has a wider range of study tools. It also has creative tools as well. However, the user interface is less clean and bit bulky. To me, it feels a bit more like something you’d find on Windows (sorry, I’m a mac person). The app has a great ability to help students who want to draw out their scripture verse rather than writing them out or using traditional scripture memory techniques. The app takes some time to master but once you learn all the ins and outs of it the tools can be a great help to a student who leans more toward the creative side.

3. Bible Memory for Kids by Nelson Media

While I’m not sure a lot of students will naturally gravitate towards an app designed for children, but I do remember some new middle school aged students who still wouldn’t let go of their Adventure Bibles. I still have mine! Some of the study tools in this app are similar to what you’d find in many of the other scripture memory apps in terms of functionality. The only difference is that the graphics have been developed for kids. What I did like here is that it would be a great scripture memory tool for those younger aged students. So if you have 5th or 6th grade students then this might be something to consider for them. The game experience in the app is also a plus. It also can create multiple profiles. So if you have many kids in one family they can each have their own profile on the same device.

Originally published By Chris Marchand
September 16, 2014

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